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Great customer support

Outstanding responsiveness from the team at Kiry to help resolve an issue that I had. Unlike many other services you can find online these days when you buy from Kiry you can feel confident that you will be treated like a VIP customer and any issues you have will be immediately and painlessly addressed and resolved.

Good Fit!

Devices fit very well.
Better product than my previous "sport...." guards.
Requested/received customization which required highly skilled technician.
Oval case included with only 1st of 2 nearly identical separate orders (2 guards each).
Ordering should be done when support available.

Amazing experience and night guard

I've previously had $350 and $500 night guards from the dentist, which took multiple visits to get them to fit properly. The entire process with Kiry was so much easier, and I still can't believe that the night guard that I molded myself fits better than either of the ones from the dentist. And I got two for less than half of what I previously paid for one. My only issue, which is totally on me, is that I wish I had of chosen the 2mm night guard. But even so I am so happy with my night guard and recommend Kiry!

Very easy to order and comfortable!

This is way more comfortable than the ones I've received from the dentist.

Super happy to find out about Kiry

I can not believe that my dentist was trying to charge me 1200 USD for one nightguard; I am so happy to find out about Kiry, which is of good quality and has good service. 1/10 of the price; I will always order from Kiry for sure.

Quick and comfortable!

Received my night guards super quickly. They are great quality. I’m impressed with how comfortable they are, yet they feel really sturdy. Honestly such a great deal for the price. I used a different company for my last night guard and only got one for more than this price and it made my teeth hurt for the first few days.

Kiry Two Affordable Custom Night Guards


Fit is great and stays in place all night. Very comfortable!

Affordable Custom Night Guard

Custom Bite Guard | Christmas E-Gift Card
Alexa james
A Gift of Peace for the Holidays

As someone who grinds their teeth at night, finding a solution has been a top priority for me. That's why when I received the Custom Bite Guard Christmas E-Gift Card as a holiday present, I was thrilled beyond measure.

The process of redeeming the e-gift card and customizing my bite guard was seamless and hassle-free. The website provided clear instructions, and the customization options allowed me to tailor the guard to fit my unique dental structure perfectly.

Once I received my custom bite guard, I was amazed at the quality of the product. It was evident that great care had been taken in its construction, and the material felt both durable and comfortable against my teeth.

Using the bite guard has been a game-changer for me. Not only does it protect my teeth from further damage caused by grinding, but it also helps alleviate the tension in my jaw muscles, leading to a more restful night's sleep.

I highly recommend the Custom Bite Guard Christmas E-Gift Card to anyone in need of a solution for teeth grinding or jaw clenching. Whether you're purchasing it for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, it's a present that truly keeps on giving, promoting dental health and overall well-being throughout the year.

Thank you to the team behind Custom Bite Guard for providing such an exceptional product and making the holiday season a little brighter for me!

The BEST Night Guards that I own

As someone who has battled with moderate-to-severe teeth grinding, finding the right night guard is crucial. After a less than satisfactory experience with a previous business, I turned to Kiry based on overwhelming positive reviews on Amazon, and I am thrilled to say that they exceeded all my expectations.

First and foremost, I would like to mention Kiry's customer service. From my initial inquiries to the impression process, they were incredibly responsive and helpful every step of the way. Whether it was clarifying doubts about timing or ensuring the adequacy of my impression, their swift and thorough responses left me impressed and reassured. For my inquiry they responded within 30 mins, and for the approval of my impression they responded within 5 minutes. 5 minutes!! That's insane!

Cost-effectiveness is another standout feature of Kiry's night guards. After spending a hefty sum on a single guard from another company, I was happy to receive two upper guards from Kiry for a lower price. As for someone who has severe grinding, it's pivotal to receive a replacement every few months. And the subscription option is the perfect solution for that. I can now enjoy the convenience of regular replacements at a fraction of the cost.

Most importantly, the quality of Kiry's night guards speaks volumes. Unlike my previous guard, which showed significant wear and tear within months, Kiry's guards have a superior fit and the night guard itself feels of a higher quality. Despite being the same thickness as my previous guard, they feel remarkably more fitted and less bulky.

I am so grateful for Kiry. Their exceptional customer service, affordability, and top-notch quality make them a true game-changer for anyone who's looking for an affordable, high quality night guard. I cannot recommend them highly enough – Kiry truly is the best in the business!

The quality is good, It fits..

Very comfortable fit and quick service.

Night Guards

These are great! I’d like to order 2 more bottoms if you still have the molds. Thanks!

Best customer service

I had a great experience with this company. The post office failed to deliver my first set of night guards and then the package was in limbo before being sent back. It contained my original molds I got from the dentist but C.S. assured me they would send them back to me whenever they showed up. In the meantime they sent another set of night guards. When they finally got the first package, they checked in to make sure everything was fitting right and even adjusted the new set of guards and sent me back my original molds. They made a worrisome occurrence bearable and were pleasant through the whole process. I’d buy anything from them.

excellent product

I bought night guards for myself and my husband and wish I'd done it years ago. I bought the thinnest guards to see if we could bear to wear them. We're doing fine! They're a good fit and hardly noticeable as far as sensation in the mouth. I do wish they'd make them in bright colors because I sometimes take mine out in the early morning then go back to sleep and it's very hard to find something that's nearly invisible.

Extremely Quick. Mouthguard fits! Excellent Customer Service

The customer service at Kiry is unparalleled. Freddy was so helpful at every step of the ordering process and also facilitated a replacement set of mouthguards. I've ordered mouthguards from another company and everything took forever. With Kiry, I received the impression kit within 48 hours and such a speedy turnaround from impressions to receiving my new guards in the mail. Incredible. Exceptional service!

Great Company and Product

Very impressed with my night guard. Great fit. I can finally get a good night’s sleep without any pain to wake up with. Customer service is also great. Can’t say enough positive things about Kiry. Fast shipping also. Do not hesitate to buy from them.

Great customer service!

From start to finish I have been impressed with the customer service of this company. I had been with another company before, after experiencing what should probably be called Kiry Kares, I can confidently say I won't be going back.

On representative Zoey was especially helpful.

I would suggest buying an extra set of the modeling material as I did go through all three that were sent out. Overall I am impressed with the product as it fits very comfortably.

Highly recommend the product and company!

Ya me llegaron son geniales me gustaron mucho pero creo q para los próximos los pido más gruesos ya q tenía unos anteriores q me dio mi odontólogo y eran más gruesos pero en general son súper hacen su función

>> Good Product and Outstanding Service <<

Good product, quick turnaround time and friendly and responsive customer service.
My night guard was delivered in less than a week. The customer service staff is easy to work with and always happy to accommodate customers’ needs. Very happy customer.

Absolutely the BEST night guard EVER!

I put a 1 star rating initially because I hadn’t received my night guard yet - if you see it, IGNORE IT! This is by far the best one I’ve ever had, have excellent customer service, as well as a super price! I will never buy from anyone else in the future. In fact, I’m so happy with it, I’m buying an extra one in case anything happens to my first one. Love it!!!!


These are the best night guards I’ve ever used! I can’t believe how comfortable they are since I was able to order the thinnest. Not an option at other places. They went above and beyond to make sure the impressions were good even sending me out a new kit when I messed up my first attempt.
Thank you so much Kiry.

Attentive and courteous customer service email notifications

I am submitting this review because your request stated that you fulfilled my order 14 days ago and would like to know how my experience has been. You actually have not yet completed the order. It was simply the impressions kit, that I used and returned immediately, and I am still waiting to receive my night guards. When I contacted customer service through email, a very responsive and friendly customer service rep told me that when they receive the impressions (the tracking showed a delivery delay), they would complete the order and send to me as quickly as possible. I appreciate the quick response to my inquiry, and postal tracking shows you received the impressions a few days ago. So with the prompt customer service demonstrated so far, I expect I'll receive the night guards soon --or at least a status update on the order. I will be happy to review Kiry once the process has been completed and I have my night guards. Thank you.

This is Wonderful

I was having a bad time with my bite splint that was made thru my dentist. 1st one did not fit my mouth at all, in fact it hurt to put it on. 2nd one fit but was made so thick that I could not close my mouth. It was actually throwing my jaw off so that it constantly would click and get stuck. At a cost of 20% of $900.00 with the insurance and only one in a lifetime, I was not happy. All my Dentist could say was “Well, you have to wear something.” Fast forward 2 years, I ran across Kiry and thought to myself, “Why not. It can’t be any worse.” I have been wearing it for 1 week and it is awesome. It is thin and does not hurt to put it on and the clicking in my jaw is starting to get better. Thank you Kiry.