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How to Make a Night Guard Impression


This article details the Kiry at-home impression process and highlights important considerations. These points will significantly assist you in achieving a successful impression.

Preparation Stage:

  1. Please brush your teeth first.
  2. Choose the correct tray. We provide upper trays in large (#1) and medium (#3) sizes and lower trays in large (#2), medium (#4), and small (#6) sizes.

Here are some key points about the trays:

  1. Suitability of the Tray:  The suitable tray matches your dental arch, not just whether it fits in your mouth. A matching tray means your teeth can sit within the tray's channels without any tooth touching the tray's edges.

  2. How to Better Insert the Tray: Many people find the tray too large to fit into their mouth. While the tray might seem broad, it will feel manageable inside your mouth. After passing through the narrow mouth opening, the tray will have plenty of space to move around. You can use your fingers to gently stretch the corners of your mouth, making it easier for the tray to pass through. This way, even the most giant tray can easily fit into your mouth.
  3. How to determine if the Tray is Too Large or Too Small: Check if your back teeth touch the outer or inner side of the tray wall. If they feel the outer side, the tray is too small, and you need a larger one. If they touch the inner side, the tray is too large, and you need a smaller one.

Impression Stage

  1. Mix and knead one box of base putty and one box of catalyst putty repeatedly within 1 minute until they are uniform.


  1. A uniform color indicates thorough mixing. If you can still see any white putty, the mixture is not even, so continue kneading.
  1. You can stretch and knead the blue and white putty by pulling them apart, then combining them again, and repeating this process. This method ensures the best mixing results.
  2. It is essential that you complete this step within one minute. If you do not, the putty will solidify and not provide an accurate impression when bitten. The putty is only effective for a short period, so if you do not complete this step within one minute, you will have to start over.
  3. Within 20 seconds, roll it into a hotdog shape and spread it evenly in the tray channel. Center your teeth on the tray tunnel, avoiding touching the tray. Hold the tray handles with your hand, and then push the tray towards your teeth instead of using your teeth to bite down. Avoid applying secondary force—push deep enough in one go, and avoid any movement from your teeth after biting down.



  1. You can use a mirror to align your teeth with the tray channels and bite down in one go. It will help avoid incorrect positioning on the first attempt and prevent a double bite.
  2. After biting down, keep your teeth still to avoid widening the impression due to movement, which would result in a loose-fitting night guard.


  1. Keep your teeth still for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Use a phone or watch to time it, and keep the impression in your mouth for 3 minutes and 30 seconds before removing it.
  2. After completion, do not remove the impression from the tray. Rinse the impression with clean water, take a photo, and send it to our customer service email: for a quality check.

Tips about kiry contact:

Kiry usually replies to your email within 24 hours. If you don't receive a response within 24 hours, please check your spam folder; It might have been there. You can ship the impressions without waiting if you need help finding something.

  1. After the quality check passes, enclose it with the filled-out Customer Info Card and return it in the bubble bag provided with the prepaid label.

It's the entire Kiry at-home impression process. Doesn't it look simple? We always include an extra set of putty in each kit to give you an opportunity for error. After practicing once, you will become proficient in completing future impression processes!


Once we receive the impression, we will produce a Custom night guard or Kiry Retainers and ship them within 24 hours. The night guards will take 2-5 business days (depending on location) to arrive at the customer's home.

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