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Affordable Custom Night Guard

Affordable Custom Night Guard

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Pair or Single

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1. Free 2 days shipping all location in US, we ship impression kit to you

2. Easy at-home impression: Make yourself impression molds at home less than 10 min.

3. Pre-paid label ready for you to ship your impression back to Kiry.

4. Have a good night sleep with your Mouth Guards!

Custom Night guard is not a retainer. If you would like a retainer to keep your teeth from shifting after orthodontic treatment, Click Here

🚚 60 days Free Replacement warranty and Refund policy

🔥Best Price in the market

🏆 Dental lab with 10 years of professional experience

💰 Premium Quality but 80% savings compared to dentist

💎Hybrid Material, German Precision

You will also get a Custom Night Guard Case

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at home custom night guard

How to make perfect impression

best night guard for teeth grinding

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
The BEST Night Guards that I own

As someone who has battled with moderate-to-severe teeth grinding, finding the right night guard is crucial. After a less than satisfactory experience with a previous business, I turned to Kiry based on overwhelming positive reviews on Amazon, and I am thrilled to say that they exceeded all my expectations.

First and foremost, I would like to mention Kiry's customer service. From my initial inquiries to the impression process, they were incredibly responsive and helpful every step of the way. Whether it was clarifying doubts about timing or ensuring the adequacy of my impression, their swift and thorough responses left me impressed and reassured. For my inquiry they responded within 30 mins, and for the approval of my impression they responded within 5 minutes. 5 minutes!! That's insane!

Cost-effectiveness is another standout feature of Kiry's night guards. After spending a hefty sum on a single guard from another company, I was happy to receive two upper guards from Kiry for a lower price. As for someone who has severe grinding, it's pivotal to receive a replacement every few months. And the subscription option is the perfect solution for that. I can now enjoy the convenience of regular replacements at a fraction of the cost.

Most importantly, the quality of Kiry's night guards speaks volumes. Unlike my previous guard, which showed significant wear and tear within months, Kiry's guards have a superior fit and the night guard itself feels of a higher quality. Despite being the same thickness as my previous guard, they feel remarkably more fitted and less bulky.

I am so grateful for Kiry. Their exceptional customer service, affordability, and top-notch quality make them a true game-changer for anyone who's looking for an affordable, high quality night guard. I cannot recommend them highly enough – Kiry truly is the best in the business!

Ma Judy

The quality is good, It fits..

Peter Iannone

Very comfortable fit and quick service.

Night Guards

These are great! I’d like to order 2 more bottoms if you still have the molds. Thanks!

S Miller
Best customer service

I had a great experience with this company. The post office failed to deliver my first set of night guards and then the package was in limbo before being sent back. It contained my original molds I got from the dentist but C.S. assured me they would send them back to me whenever they showed up. In the meantime they sent another set of night guards. When they finally got the first package, they checked in to make sure everything was fitting right and even adjusted the new set of guards and sent me back my original molds. They made a worrisome occurrence bearable and were pleasant through the whole process. I’d buy anything from them.