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Kiry Custom Night Guards

Kiry Custom Night Guards

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Pair or Single

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1. Free 2 days shipping all location in US, we ship impression kit to you

2. Easy at-home impression: Make yourself impression molds at home less than 10 min.

3. Pre-paid label ready for you to ship your impression back to Kiry.

4. Have a good night sleep with your Guards!

🚚 60 days Replacement or Refund policy

🔥Best Price in the market

🏆 Dental lab with 10 years of professional experience

💰 Premium Quality but 80% savings compared to dentist

💎Hybrid Material, German Precision

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at home custom night guard

How to make perfect impression

best night guard for teeth grinding

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
N lune
>> Good Product and Outstanding Service <<

Good product, quick turnaround time and friendly and responsive customer service.
My night guard was delivered in less than a week. The customer service staff is easy to work with and always happy to accommodate customers’ needs. Very happy customer.

Sharon Boethin
Absolutely the BEST night guard EVER!

I put a 1 star rating initially because I hadn’t received my night guard yet - if you see it, IGNORE IT! This is by far the best one I’ve ever had, have excellent customer service, as well as a super price! I will never buy from anyone else in the future. In fact, I’m so happy with it, I’m buying an extra one in case anything happens to my first one. Love it!!!!


These are the best night guards I’ve ever used! I can’t believe how comfortable they are since I was able to order the thinnest. Not an option at other places. They went above and beyond to make sure the impressions were good even sending me out a new kit when I messed up my first attempt.
Thank you so much Kiry.

Attentive and courteous customer service email notifications

I am submitting this review because your request stated that you fulfilled my order 14 days ago and would like to know how my experience has been. You actually have not yet completed the order. It was simply the impressions kit, that I used and returned immediately, and I am still waiting to receive my night guards. When I contacted customer service through email, a very responsive and friendly customer service rep told me that when they receive the impressions (the tracking showed a delivery delay), they would complete the order and send to me as quickly as possible. I appreciate the quick response to my inquiry, and postal tracking shows you received the impressions a few days ago. So with the prompt customer service demonstrated so far, I expect I'll receive the night guards soon --or at least a status update on the order. I will be happy to review Kiry once the process has been completed and I have my night guards. Thank you.

Kathlyn Chapin
This is Wonderful

I was having a bad time with my bite splint that was made thru my dentist. 1st one did not fit my mouth at all, in fact it hurt to put it on. 2nd one fit but was made so thick that I could not close my mouth. It was actually throwing my jaw off so that it constantly would click and get stuck. At a cost of 20% of $900.00 with the insurance and only one in a lifetime, I was not happy. All my Dentist could say was “Well, you have to wear something.” Fast forward 2 years, I ran across Kiry and thought to myself, “Why not. It can’t be any worse.” I have been wearing it for 1 week and it is awesome. It is thin and does not hurt to put it on and the clicking in my jaw is starting to get better. Thank you Kiry.