Kiry serves as your ultimate guardian against teeth grinding.

Life has the potential to become more enchanting. We firmly believe that both you and your teeth deserve gentler, more caring treatment.

We are a dedicated dental laboratory, crafting over 100,000 custom Night Guards annually for individuals grappling with teeth grinding, clenching, and TMJ issues. Our pride and expertise lie in our mastery of cutting-edge technology.

Throughout the Night Guard crafting process for dental professionals, we employ advanced techniques tailored for special patients. This innovation eradicates the discomfort often associated with Night Guards, leading to significantly improved sleep quality. This technique extends its benefits to all individuals who wear Night Guards.

Regrettably, the steep costs imposed by dentists have deterred numerous patients from seeking the treatment they need. Our aspiration is that advanced technology and premium-grade products can reach a wider audience. We comprehend the distress dental issues can bring, and we are committed to alleviating it.

Now, we emerge from the shadows. Kiry steps forward armed with top-tier technology and attentive service to alleviate the burdens of teeth grinding. Your beaming smile stands as Kiry's crowning achievement and source of immense pride.

Life possesses the capacity for greater beauty, and your radiant smile serves as the finest gift you can bestow upon your loved ones.

Yours truly,


Kiry & Shine Care Dental Lab